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Dear Friends,

Jewish Federations in communities across the country are raising money to help Texas recover from the storm.

 Right now, the people of Houston are hurting in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, the category 4 storm that resulted in fatalities, catastrophic flooding, and left hundreds of thousands of people without shelter, power, or access to food, medicine, and water. The storm has shut down municipal services, highways, schools, and community institutions.

Sadly, more damage is expected. Please show your support for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Make a donation today.

Jewish Federations across North America are there to help each other's communities when the worst happens. Our network of local and international partners enables us to respond quickly and effectively. We fund urgently needed basics like food and medicine, and long-term needs like trauma counseling. We provide resources to emergency service providers so they can help where they're most needed. We can only do this with your help.

In addition to whatever annual contribution you make to our Jewish community locally, please help other Jewish communities recover from Harvey by donating now!

Our sister Federation in Houston is helping people of all faiths throughout central Texas. The Federation is "preparing to mobilize a community response to Hurricane Harvey and will help manage the recovery as needed."

The Houston JCC announced it had collected emergency supplies for the community including bottled water, work gloves, packing supplies, plastic storage bins, heavy trash bags, heavy-duty razor blades to rip out wet and damaged carpet, cleaning supplies and gift cards for home repair stores and grocery stores, according to the Texas Jewish Herald-Voice.

Many synagogues and other community institutions have been flooded or damaged.

Your support will enable us to help the Jewish communities in Houston and surrounding areas respond to Hurricane Harvey. Thank you.



Bruce Landgarten, CEO